Mentoring programs


The CMC Reentry Mentoring Program

The CMC provides mentorship and re-entry programming support to meet the needs of men, women, and youth who have recently been released from incarceration, have prior criminal records, on court supervision, or have current legal issues. Through our collaborative partnerships, CMC programming includes: life skill training, maintaining a home, money management, establishing relationships, mental health/anger management servicers, and drug/alcohol counseling.



P.R.Y.D.E. Youth Mentoring Program 

The CMC partners with Minor and Associates, Inc. to provide mentorship programs through P.R.Y.D.E. (Partners Reaching Youths thru Developmental Education). P.R.Y.D.E. is in direct response to the growing number of young people that are either falling through the cracks at school, or are already entangled with the juvenile court system. The goal of the program is to identify youth who are going to have a turbulent transition to adulthood and offer a positive support system and life options to avoid the pitfalls that can derail their lives. The P.R.Y.D.E. program provides mentoring with entertainment and athletic influences for at-risk middle and high school youth.



The TYRO Program

TYRO is a holistic, multi-faceted character-building program, designed to strengthen individuals and families. The word TYRO is Latin, meaning novice, apprentice, or someone learning something new. It teaches participants how to overcome destructive generational cycles of poverty, incarceration, and dependency.

TYRO Dads is designed to combat the root issues inherent in destructive or self-serving behavior patterns, through cognitive restructuring and positive role-modeling.

TYRO ROP program provides positive character development, traditional values and life skills education through our TYRO Rites Of Passage (ROP) program to youth in Ohio’s schools and detention centers. This program was originally developed by National Family Life and Education Center. We work to establish young leaders who can stand up against the negative influences, peer pressures and low expectations that exist for young people in society today. Youth leadership development is essential in creating a positive youth culture.


Become A Mentor

The CMC, Inc. is a volunteer mentorship organization that consists of community members and service providers committed to creating partnerships that promote positive social interaction and accountability to assist reentrants and youth in becoming productive, law abiding citizens through mentorship and community resources/services in collaboration with our community partners. CMC, Inc. focus is on the individual needs that are valued for healthy functioning in our communities. If you are interested, join us and become a solution to the problems that plague our commumities.