A Community Response

A focus on the future rather than the past, and giving back through community service and contributions are key elements for success. Together, citizens and offenders develop agreements regarding responsibilities and results that will be accomplished through participation with the Circle.


The Circle creates an environment that fosters acceptance and is focused on the offender’s personal strengths. The Circle encourages positive bonds with citizens by creating opportunities for using the gifts and talents of the offender in service to the community. Recognition and rewards for success reinforce positive changes and behaviors in the offender.


The Circle meets on a regular basis to discuss offender progress, review plans, interview new applicants, admit new members, and to discharge both successful and unsuccessful offenders.

Eight Life Domains

  1. Employment - Work and the role of work in the person's life.

  2. Education - Education and vocational skills desired.

  3. Family/Marital - Being with family members and the support a participant derives from them.

  4. Associates/Social Interactions - Positive interaction with community members and non-criminal associates with the opportunity for positive interaction with peers

  5. Substance Abuse - Living without reliance on alcohol and/or drugs.

  6. Community Functioning - Knowledge and skills for daily living, including safety, an acceptable place to live, health, personal budgeting, leisure activities, and the use of social services.

  7. Personal/Emotional Orientation - Decision-making, coping with stress, and practicing mental health and wellness activities.

  8. Attitude - Supporting law-abiding behaviors and involvement with religious activities.

  • A group of community members committed to helping restored citizens make the transition from "offenders" to "citizens".

  • Create partnerships that promote positive social interaction nd accountability to help restored citizens become productive citizens.

  • Restored citizens and their families develop relationships with community members and jointly develop a plan to help the restored citizen become a productive citizen.

  • Communicate to restored citizens the belief that their debt has been paid and the community is willing to accept them as restored citizens.

  • Provide the opportunity for developing partnerships, making a difference in an offender's behavior while promoting community safety.